A Mother’s Day (in ads)

For this year’s Mother’s Day Moment, I thought I’d share two advertisments taken from the October 1916 edition of The Ladies’ Home Journal. I love the colors and artistry of the above ad for Naphtha soap, which I remember my grandma telling me about using. The ad admonishes women to “Save your energy for pleasanter things than washing clothes.”

P. and G.–The White Naphtha Soap really washes clothes while they soak.  You have for your other work the time you now spend with washboard and boiler. After the clothes are on the line, the best part of the day is before you to sew, read, shop, visit or romp with the children.

The next ad plays on the natural guilt all mothers seem to have over the consequences of not taking the best care possible of our children.

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m going to lay the guilt aside for the moment and go take a nap. Happy Mother’s Day!


4 comments on “A Mother’s Day (in ads)

  1. Anita Crowe says:

    Yes, this ad, portraying the woman relaxing in her easy chair and reading a book on washday, would look like a DREAM to the 1916 homemaker. However, note that she has hung her washed laundry on the line to dry….still not quite up to par with us today who just toss it in the clothes dryer. Face it, ladies, we’ve got it pretty good! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

  2. Yes, I saw that! Poor lady deserves a moment to read.

  3. Casey Decker says:

    I love the color ad! Please share with me so I can make cards using that image!

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