My name is Susan M. Schreiber, and I am a writer living near Seattle, Washington. I am currently working on two middle grade novels, while enjoying my family, my dogs, and the Seattle rain. I began researching rural life in the early 20th century for my upcoming novel, Missouri Girl, and quickly discovered a fascination with the spirit and strength of the people who lived it. I update my blog whenever my research turns up something cool. I welcome comments and will respond, but please be patient if I make dorky mistakes. I am new at this. As an amateur researcher, I cannot promise that the conclusions drawn from what I’ve found are 100 percent accurate. I do promise to show you all the nifty stuff I find that doesn’t make it in to the book. I bet you’ll be fascinated too.


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    thank you for following 5R

    i’ve read your posts and find them very creative

    David in Maine USA

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    David in Maine USA

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